Big Directors Not Interested in Young Hero?


He is young hero who made a splashy debut as he scored big hit with his first film. He was launched by a reputed production house. The film is seen as one of the sleeper hits of the year. He never looked back since then and signed several films. Among them, most of them were successful and a few were average. Despite having good craze, decent popularity and following in youth, the young hero has no ‘big’ takers it seems.

It’s heard that no big directors are willing to work with him. While his upcoming film has a newcomer director, his other two films will be directed by lady directors who are also new in Tollywood.

Since the hero has no much choice, he is teaming up with new-age filmmakers and testing his luck. Well, this is certainly a good choice, but for him to go to the next level, certainly, he has to collaborate with the happening directors in the industry who could able to unleash him in a new way and given an image makeover.

Despite this, the young hero is confident of his upcoming films and one has to wait and see how he will shape up his career in coming days. Let’s wait and see.