Nayantara To Steal The Show

Talented senior heroine Nayantara left glamour route sometime back and accepting offers based only on strength of the characters.

Here is one more memorable outing Nayan waits for release is Jai Simha hitting screens in next two days.

Despite Balakrishna is prime attraction of Jai Simha directed by KS Ravikumar, film circles are buzzing that Nayan bagged a meaty role and will surely leave an impact on family audience with emotional tear jerker script.

In fact, Balakrishna always preferred to have Nayantara besides him whenever the script has got scope for a strong female lead.

Like Simha and Sree Ramarajyam in their combination stood as real blockbusters, Jai Simha also provided Nayan a chance to steal entire second half.

KS Ravikumar being a master film maker in handling sentiments, Balayya is assured of having a safe bet on hand for Sankranti.