Why Rajamouli Said WOW?


Among all, the reaction from SS Rajamouli after watching ‘Gauthami Puthra Satakarni’ trailer should have to be discussed in special because he has set a benchmark for war visuals and quality CG works in Indian cinema with ‘Bahubali.’ Now, many films are walking in the same footsteps and GPSK is one such magnum opus centrally based on four humongous war episodes shot in different part of the world.

If Jakkanna took more than three years in carving ‘Bahubali’ to utmost perfection, director Krish took just eight months to achieve a similar output (at least what we see in the trailer can be assumed best portions in the film) in mere eight months. This made Rajamouli to say WOW at the trailer.

‘GPSK IS WOW. What you achieved in 8 months or so absolutely mind boggling director Krish. Hats off,’ the words from Rajamouli Twitter account read. Let us see, how far GPSK will match the technical standards of ‘Bahubali’ in the coming Pongal season.