‘Rajini is Uneducated, Unsuitable for Politics’


At a time when the buzz surrounding superstar Rajinikanth’s entry into politics is getting intense, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) senior leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday ridiculed the actor saying he was uneducated and unsuitable for politics.

‘He is an illiterate, scatterbrain and has no future in politics. People now need to be educated to become politicians. He is completely unsuitable for becoming the chief minister of a large state like Tamil Nadu,” Swamy said.

When asked about the inclination of BJP high command towards making Rajinikanth join their party even if they have to offer him CM post, Swamy said that he would oppose the move.

Swamy added that the new generation of Tamilians are educated, influential and they want national politics to come to Tamil Nadu, hinting that the era of domination of regional parties like DMK and AIADMK will soon come to an end in Tamil Nadu.

On Friday earlier, Rajini hinted on his possible entry in politics when he asked his fans to support him when he calls for a ‘war’ in future.