We Show Only Curves, But Not Work??


It’s the season of Cannes Film Festival yet again. And our hotties make to the beelines to showcase their newest designer dresses. Sugar coated with fashion, the main objective is to show how hot they are and how fascinating their curves are.

Already some seniors like Mallika Sherawat are flashing their oomph factor at the event on the red carpet. After some couple of years gap, this time Deepika Padukone also left to the French town to showcase her talents. Seen in a thigh-high slit gown on the red carpet, she flaunted her curves to the core, not just other day but before that as well. And soon, this Indian diva gang will be joined separately by the likes of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor as well.

Other than becoming a two-days news in the tabloids and finding a place in photo galleries of websites for a couple of weeks, what’s the real use of flashing hotness at Cannes? Actually, this film festival is known for awarding best work, talents and technicians. Are we focusing on that aspect?

A couple of years ago we have won a mention for the film “Masaan” but nothing more than that to boast about. Rather our filmmakers sending some of their best works, or making some best works to compete at Cannes, what’s the point in our heroines lending their glamour?