Star Hero’s Fans Inspiring Work

Balakrishna’s die-hard fan Anantapuram Jagan, who founded NBK Helping Hands, has shown his generous side by donating six lakh rupees to the six bereaved families of fans. A financial aid of Rs 1 lakh to each family has been offered besides other help and moral support.

This noble act was carried through his favourite actor Nandamuri Balakrishna himself during the audio launch of Jai Simha via his NBK Helping Hands foundation. Usually, star heroes do generous philanthropy work to fans. But a fan of a star hero coming forward and doing service to other fans is certainly a rarity. On several public events, Balayya openly lauded Jagan and NBK Helping Hands activities.

Founded 8 years ago, today NBK Helping Hands is serving people in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu with thousands of volunteers across southern India.

Already, Jagan has become synonymous with Balayya fans since he has conducted¬† ‘Bharatha Desa Shatha Punya Kshetra Jaitra Yatra’ (Temples Tour) under which he had visited over 100 famous temples across pan India before the release of Balayya’s 100th film GPSK. Meanwhile, Jagan avers that service is top priority for NBK Helping Hands and says that his favourite hero Balakrishna is his source of inspiration.

Meanwhile, NBK Helping Hands is said to be grooming several Balayya fans and developing discipline among fans and building an army of Balakrishna. They say that Balayya fans should be disciplined and committed. Indeed, an inspiring story.